How to build a website that brings you leads?


To clear the air first, a fancy designed website  in calgary may catch your visitors attention, however, it may not actually lead that visitor to complete the required action that turns him into a prospective buyer.


So how do we design a website that turns website traffic into customers?


  • Call to action buttons – clearly displayed.
  • Create a responsive – mobile friendly website
  • Latest Design and technology
  • Clearly display your contact email and phone number
  • Give the website a persona – have your picture.
  • Provide real testimonials if possible a video testimonial.
  • Have a quick enquiry form on every page
  • Have offers on your website to attract consumers
  • Reduce bounce rate by providing attractive links on the landing page so your customer moves around your website
  • Make the website for humans not Search engines, said that, it does not mean your website should lack content. The website can have tons of content but in a way that it still looks clean.

The above tips are obviously not exhaustive but it can go a long way in converting visitors to customers. To give a rough example, if your site currently provides you with 10 leads in a month, a properly optimized site even if it increases conversion by 20% – can get you 2 more potential clients.

Now 2 might seem like a small number, but you have to realize that almost all businesses rely on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals from existing clients, so those 2 extra clients per month can mean another potential referral in coming years.

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