Todays society is thriving on social media and it is important for a wedding planning company to stay on top of this marketing plan to gain future clients.

Social media is not a huge investment for your company. In fact, sites like pinterest, facebook, linkedin, and twitter are all free of cost and a huge marketing pool. Another huge attracter is blogging. Brides love blogs and a lot of times before they are even engaged they are reading your blogs to gain knowledge about the wedding industry. They want to know what the trends are, decor ideas, who to hire and much much more. Blog often to bring your company closer to a future client!

Engaging in social media allows people to research what your company is all about. It helps them to discover what they like and dislike about your company before making a decision to contact you for a consultation. People will weed out unwanted companies and begin to follow and interact among the top planners they have connected with on social media. This allows you to show off your style and personality, and to attract clients that are best suited for you.

Social media will help you, as a Calgary Wedding Planner, to find vendors that you can build partnerships with. When you are planning a clients wedding, you want to hire vendors that are easy to work with and who are reliable. Therefore, participating in social media will keep you in the loop and help you find vendors who will be striving for excellence for your clients wedding.

It is important to keep active on social media to expand your business and create more sales. You can also see how other wedding planners are using it to their advantage. This allows you to explore ways to be creative and think outside the box. It is crucial for you to stand out from your competition to catch the eyes of brides.



To clear the air first, a fancy designed website  in calgary may catch your visitors attention, however, it may not actually lead that visitor to complete the required action that turns him into a prospective buyer.


So how do we design a website that turns website traffic into customers?


  • Call to action buttons – clearly displayed.
  • Create a responsive – mobile friendly website
  • Latest Design and technology
  • Clearly display your contact email and phone number
  • Give the website a persona – have your picture.
  • Provide real testimonials if possible a video testimonial.
  • Have a quick enquiry form on every page
  • Have offers on your website to attract consumers
  • Reduce bounce rate by providing attractive links on the landing page so your customer moves around your website
  • Make the website for humans not Search engines, said that, it does not mean your website should lack content. The website can have tons of content but in a way that it still looks clean.

The above tips are obviously not exhaustive but it can go a long way in converting visitors to customers. To give a rough example, if your site currently provides you with 10 leads in a month, a properly optimized site even if it increases conversion by 20% – can get you 2 more potential clients.

Now 2 might seem like a small number, but you have to realize that almost all businesses rely on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals from existing clients, so those 2 extra clients per month can mean another potential referral in coming years.

Gibca SEO & Web Design will be used to provide the latest information including tips and tricks about the internet world.


Watch this space for more!